Aiming for a simple, gentle life.

Tish June 2015 329

So here it is – my first ever blog post. After I lost my Dad in April, I realised just how much I would have cherished to have more of his memories. To know more about his life. To know more about his thoughts. Around this time I was also diagnosed with depression and after posting an in depth post on a Facebook page about my journey I suddenly felt a WHOLE lot better getting my thoughts out of my head. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with things. Maybe mine is purging all my thoughts out onto the internet. Better then booze I guess.

For these 2 reasons I decided to start blogging. For one it will be a way for me to construct my thoughts and put them into perspective and on the other hand document my life in some way. Its not all that interesting but maybe one days my kids will like (or cringe) to read it.

My biggest focus right now is getting my life in order and slowing everything down.

I want to de-clutter our entire house so everything has a place and anything can be found without small mind explosions breaking out mixed with profanity. I want to grow as many veggies as possible (big straw hat optional). I want to make more from scratch so I actually know what we’re all eating & I want to become completely frugal so I can stay working only nightshift and not go back to the work / kid juggle – especially when my eldest starts school next year and suddenly has almost 1/4 of the year off.


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