Can we do a ‘No spend month’ in July?


Today I have been toying with the idea of embarking on a no spend month. I have seen this done before on different forums and blogs (some even go so far as to do ‘no spend years’) and its intriguing me. My first thought was ‘but, but, but’. Then I thought about it. Why is it so hard to picture a month when all you spend your money on is essentials? Are we that spoilt that it’s that hard to comprehend? When I really sat down and thought about it – what will we really be missing for one month? Junk food? Entertainment that has to be paid for? More crap to clutter the house?

Don’t get me wrong – I think it will be tricky when we are so used to spending, but we have a good reason to do it. Over the last month or so my work has cut back my hours due to budget restraints and end of financial year. *cough bonuses cough*. This has thrown us in a bit of a hole. We need to build back up our savings (emergency fund). We need to get back on track. Plus, nothing like a challenge to keep one amused.

The things we will spend money on are the essentials. Nothing more. This includes no junk in the trolley, I will get back to baking from scratch. We have one birthday to buy for in July but I will get that present this month.

I ran it by hubby and I’m not sure he’s sold on the idea. He’ll be right. It’s just one month. One month to get our money back in order. Only 31 days…



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