My little girl turns 5

Last week my eldest turned 5. I still can’t quite grasp that she is 5 whole years old. It was 5yrs ago my life changed forever for the better. 5yrs ago that I looked at her puffy little eyes and held her tiny little hand. 5yrs ago my heart swelled bigger then I ever thought it could.

The last 5yrs have been amazing. From watching her grow into the incredibly cheeky but reserved little girl she is, to at times closing my eyes and counting to 100 at her ‘fiery’ side and down right stubbornness. I wouldn’t change a second of it.

I like to make my kids a personal birthday cake each year. Something special for them for their special day. This year she wanted a Frozen cake. Surprise, surprise. After some gentle persuading she changed her mind to a ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’ cake.

So to Pintrest I went. After losing around 13yrs from my life (those that enjoy pintrest will understand), I finally came up with a rough cake design and set to work. This was the end result and I’m really happy with how it turned out, but most importantly, I was so happy at how she lit up when she saw it. That was worth every second. Love you baby girl x


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