Supermarket hints & tips

Some hints & tips that might be helpful…

  • Don’t do a big shop late on a Tuesday night – this is the night all the specials change over & you may get caught between the old & new specials & miss out on both.
  • Keep a price book. You will be amazed how many items go up that you don’t notice. It might be 2c but the highest I have seen is a $2 increase overnight. Imagine if lots of your products changed price like that.
  • Don’t listen to the stores slogans. Things that they may elude to being that price from now on may not stay that price.
  • On the stores specials tags on the shelves in the bottom right corner it will have a date – this is when the special or price will change
  • If something is on special and it’s not on the shelf, ask for a rain check. If they can’t give you one, express your disappointment – you may get a voucher for money off your next shop
  • If a product you are after is not on the shelf, ask someone to look and see if it’s in stock. If it isn’t, ask for an alternative product. Some supermarkets will give you an equivalent product for the same price as the one you were after
  • The whole store is designed to make you spend more. Layout, displays, music, lighting, etc. Everything. Don’t let the end items draw you down the isles.
  • When you leave the shop, check your docket. If you have been overcharged for an item go straight to the service desk. You will get the amount you paid for the product refunded in full at the big supermarkets – not sure about the smaller ones but at least you will get the difference paid to you.
  • In regards to Coles – make sure you do the Coles survey each month ( It will earn you either $5 off your shop or $5 in flybuys points. This may not seem like much but that’s $60 a year in your pocket and it only takes 5mins a month.

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