Having a nap while you have little kids in not unlike napping during a cyclone

I was very ill today. A day that my hubby was gone from around 5am & won’t be home until around 6:30pm. It was the kind of ill where if you stand up, you then need to run very fast.

My day kinda went like this…

Get kids breakfast between running

Close eyes 

Open eyes to see naked kids

Deal with nakedness. Whilst running again, check for accidents made by naked 2yr old. 

Close eyes

Open eyes to 5yr old saying ‘come quick there’s peanut butter everywhere’

Close eyes wondering how bad it could be. Bad enough to do more running? 

Open eyes. Assess situation, change 2yr old, pick up globs, run, assess rug, sigh loudly, run again, realise can’t deal with the situation as is, close door

Close eyes thinking it can’t get worse

Open eyes to 2 kids screaming. Vaguely hear the words ‘water’ & ‘flood’. Find a flooded bathroom, taps stuck on & a disaster zone. Between yelling for 5yr old to get towels & dealing with a small niagra falls, running is no longer an option. Change 2yr old. Again.

At this point I was too scared to close my eyes for fearing of waking up to a fire

Some how got through the day. There will be LOTS to do tomorrow but for today, I’m going to count down till 6:30pm then go close my eyes, hopefully for the last time today.

Side note – besides the chaos my beautiful 2yr old did sit next to me saying ‘Mummy sick’ & stroked my hair. My thoughtful 5yr old made me little cards with pictures to make me feel better & kept her little sister happy 💕


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