How we save money at the supermarket

One thing I do to ease our budget is shop as savy as I can. Once I get the junk mail, I go through & write down the best specials on items we would usually buy (or  their equivelant) then I bulk buy. Even if we don’t need a certain item yet I will still buy it if it’s a great price & put it away. This can generate some amazing results.

I have also sussed out the best day to get marked down meat. This didn’t actually take much effort, just paying attention. I now shop every Wednesday morning & try & get all our meat at least 20-40% off. We try & eat organic / grass fed / rspca approved meat so buying on special enables us to do this. This was today’s score 

I purchased $69.03 worth of meat for $43.80 – saving $25.23 & getting good quality meat in the process.
This also means I got 8 meals worth of meat for $43.80 – that’s around $5.48 each meal. Add some fresh veggies, pasta, etc & it will work out less then $10 for dinner for the 4 of us (bear in mind our kids are only 5 & 2 so they don’t eat a lot).

It may not seem like much but if I saved $25.23 a week every week I would have an extra $1,311.96 a year just saved on meat alone.


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