Living simply with kids – outside & nature

I’m trying to bring up my kids to love nature the way I do. There is nothing that makes me happier then to see them looking under toadstools for fairies or balancing on logs over creeks. Building bush cubbies or rolling down grass hills. Just to feel the earth under their toes and the breeze on their faces. From my childhood I remember those things – not what was on TV (well except for Monkey Magic).


When I was a kid I was hardly ever inside. I spent all my time outside until I had to rush home as soon as I saw the street lights come on. The thought of staying inside and watching TV never crossed my mind except for a Saturday morning when the cartoons were on. Then it was straight outside again. Kids are so inquisitive by nature. They want to explore. They also want to get filthy. I say let them – you’re only little once and getting out into nature is one of the easiest & cheapest ways to amuse them on a quiet day 🙂


We decided to buy a camper trailer over the weekend. It’s older then me but it has 2 double beds, a little kitchen with sink and fridge and a table and chairs. It will be perfect for us to go exploring in and there are lots of free campsites around to keep the costs low. It has meant that our savings have taken a massive hit so besides July being a no spend month – I think the rest of the year will be a tight one! But it will be worth the beans and rice… hopefully… Pics to come soon.




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