No spend day 2 & 3

Update so far…

Yesterday the only spend was on bread that I managed to forget in my grocery shop – $1.80. I spent the morning at the park with the kids taking all our snacks and drinks 🙂

Today was a no spend day. We decided to go for a bushwalk which was really nice. We explored through ferns and in caves. Was great to take some time out in the bush. There are some amazing walks near us and I’m really looking forward to exploring more of them.

004 002

Tonight would normally be our take away night for the week so instead of getting to tonight and not feeling like cooking, I popped on some turkey legs marinated in a tomato, basil & garlic ragu into the slow cooker at lunchtime then threw a packet of frozen chips into the oven tonight. A nice and easy ‘take away at home’ meal that took next to no effort. Bonus was the marinated turkey pack I got on sale last week for 40% off so the whole dinner tonight cost just $4.80 for the turkey and $2 for the frozen chips – $6.80 for 4 people. Much cheaper then take away for the 4 of us, was really easy and smells perfect 🙂

So tally so far:

Day 1 – $150.31 (groceries)

Day 2 – $1.80 (Bread)

Day 3 – NSD (No spend day)

*I’m not including bills, mortgage or fuel in these amounts as they are not really flexible. Outside of those, I will be putting everything we spend on here 🙂



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