Day 4 & 5 of no spend July

First weekend of no spend and we did pretty well. There was only one non-essential (but technically essential I guess) spend and that was on supplies to fix the camper – $20.18 – so pretty good.

I did have to get extra groceries totalling $12.04 as we were running short of basics and will need to get more milk and bread again today. I underestimated how much more we would go through at home on a no spend month.

Yesterday we were umming and ahhing on how to spend the day without spending money. We finally decided to take the kids out to the glow worm tunnel. The fuel was in my budget and we took all our own snacks, drinks and a picnic lunch.


We all had a great day out, the kids got to see the little glow worms and explore more of the bush.


So for July no spend…

Totals so far:

Groceries – $164.15

Non budgeted spend – $20.18 (camper repairs)



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