First week of no spend July recap

Only spend today was on groceries for the week – $172.16. More then I wanted but since we haven’t had any spending / sanity money our bill has been higher! Plus that included dummies and all new toothbrushes for us – that was $25 alone. So if you take those items out the grocery spend was $146.76.
I paid for my groceries and as I was leaving started thinking ‘wow that was more expensive then I expected’ so I stopped and looked over my receipt. Funny thing was it was the toothbrushes and dummies that made it so high but as I was looking I noticed that they had charged me full price for my marked down meat. So off to the customer service counter I went.

They charged me $22 for $10 worth of meat so I got it for free! Yay! That kind of covers the toothbrushes and dummies I guess…

Week 1 was harder then I thought it would be to be honest. It took a fair bit of effort on my part to curb the ‘I don’t feel like cooking, i’m too tired, i’m too sick (I’ve got a cold)’ feelings. Was also harder when it came to going out because I had formed such a habit of grabbing a snack or drink when out with the kids. Why oh why did I pick a 5 week month too!! BUT we’re doing really well. The only really non-essential spend we had in the first week was $4.28 on drinks at the servo. I’m pretty happy with that! Sadly our surplus went to the electricity bill but at least that didn’t go on the credit card (which normally would have happened). 

Bring on week 2…


8 thoughts on “First week of no spend July recap

  1. It really is pretty impressive I’ve got to say! Getting married soon defo makes me think this is something we should be taking up! It would be good even to try a week or 2 just to realise the amount we spend on pointless rubbish!


    1. I’m really looking forward to my veto time on Sat!! Far out lol.

      You’ve got Xmas before your wedding too 😳


    1. You might know them as pacifiers?

      My kids are only small so they’re ok. Hubby was hesitant but we had to do it to get back on track after wiping our accounts to buy a camper trailer so he’s on board. I think we’re both looking forward to next month though & loosening the reins so to speak 🙂

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