I’ll admit it… I miss spending

Nearly halfway through no spend July & I still miss spending. The inner brat in me still wants to stamp her foot & exclaim ‘but everyone else gets to spend!’. Part of the issue for me is Facebook. The one place where ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ is still bloody hard to ignore. 

The last couple of weeks have certainly made me realise our pointless spending. It’s hard not to think back to all the money we must have wasted. Especially on food. Take always, lunches out, snacks, etc. It’s taken a bit of effort to be more organised this month to avoid that spending. Rather then just walking out the door like I used to, I need to make sure we have everything we may need so we don’t spend. While I’m making lunches, packing snacks, filling drink bottles I yearn to be lazy but once we’re out and are eating good food & saving our money, it all then feels worth it. It doesn’t stop the massive sigh as I pack for the next outing though.
I think for me it’s just breaking the habit. For so long we’ve just spent whenever we go out. Although we don’t blow money like we could, we still waste money. 

But after looking closer at the budget I’ve realised that I need to make a decision. If I want to keep staying home with the kids, our spending will need to become a lot tighter going forward & I’ll need to get used to limited spending except special occasions. If I want more breathing space with money I’ll need to go back to day work & deal with the care costs, school holidays next year & sick days.

I want to stay home with the kids because it eleviates a lot of pressure from our family. So for now I need to stuff my inner brat with home baked treats & keep away from those Joneses. 


4 thoughts on “I’ll admit it… I miss spending

  1. Great post, I think the less you expose yourself to those jones’ and the more you make prepping food and baking goodies part of your routine the easier it will be. Good Luck!


  2. Oh, do try to stay home with the children. those day cares and problems of being away will become expenses – even financial ones. Also, if you are homeschooling, they children don’t bring home all that emotional baggage and drama they and you don’t need!


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