Back on the blogging wagon… And eating cleaner while I go.

Our little family has now had it’s share of winter bugs! Back to normality now hopefully. 

I want to be done with my depression meds as I just don’t like how I feel on them, but I’m not silly enough to just drop them. So I’ve decided to try & change my diet & excercise routines as the first step. 

Every day this week (bar yesterday) I have gone outside for a walk. It’s something little but sometimes I find it hard to get motivated to leave the house. Being outside in the sunshine makes me feel a lot better.

I’m also trying to cut down on my sugar intake & the bad food I eat. Today’s grocery shop included lots & lots of new & fresh foods to mess around with. 

Today for lunch instead of a peanut butter sandwich (followed by biscuits) I cooked up a nice lunch with fresh ingredients. 

Scrambled eggs (from our chooks) with mushrooms, ham, spring onions, kale & chia seeds. It was really filing & tasted great. 

Tonight we had homemade pizzas. Great way to get kids to eat more veggies as they get to ‘decorate’ their pizza themselves. Plus it ‘feels’ like take away but it is a lot cheaper!

No spend is still going although I’m still having issues keeping the grocery budget down! Will give an update blog on that shortly.


3 thoughts on “Back on the blogging wagon… And eating cleaner while I go.

  1. The food bill is so hard to cut down. People always buy cheap and compromise their help. I would rather have my food spend go to healthy food. I don’t feel that bad at all:)


  2. Don’t know what you take for depression, but most of those and the ones for anxiety are addictive – definitely don’t drop them cold turkey. Thankfully, the lorazepam is a take as needed. For me, it’s perfect. one small bottle lasts me for years. I’m more on the anxiety side, so can’t help much with the depression. If i cut back on coffee it helps a lot, but also i take kava kava from Nature’s Sunshine. A more natural anti-anxiety and doesn’t make me sleepy. Anyway, please know that you are not alone. The pizzas look beautiful. my 2 cents worth for your diet, though, is to cut out the swine and any other biblically unclean animal from your diet. You are an encouragement! I find myself scrutinizing all my purchases now and often coming away with – ‘i don’t really need that.’ Thank you!


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