Our first camper weekend away

We purchased a little 35yr old camper a few weeks ago for $3000. After keeping an eye out for one that would suit us for the right price we finally found this one…

We didn’t have much money to spend so it took us a long time to find this one but it was worth the wait 🙂


The kids love it & it’s the perfect size for our family with 2 double beds. It has a little fridge, sink & table for us to sit at. Over time we are going to paint the cupboards white, replace the benchtops & change the apolstry.

We had budgeted the powered site fee  into no spend July and took all our snacks, drinks & dinner for the night. We did spend on lunches & ice creams though which added up very quickly! We spent around $70 on take away food 😦 But we had such an amazing weekend away! 

We are going to try & go away every month now just to get away from everything & spend some quality time together. With the camper we can experience so many different places without hurting the budget 🙂


3 thoughts on “Our first camper weekend away

  1. This is a fabulous purchase. It just goes to prove that you do not need to spend enormous sums of money camping/caravanning. I am sure you will all have lots of fun. What a great idea to have a regular weekend away, too.

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