July spending totals… Eeep

Ok I am wrapping this month up now as payday is today and I will include that into next month (rather then just having it for a few days of this month so to speak).
So for my 4 pays in July this is how we went (doesn’t include fixed payments).

  • $360.04 fuel ($90 average a week for both hubby & I)
  • $846.23 food (OUCH – average $211.56 a week for 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 big dogs. Hopefully that will drop next month)
  • $58.80 Chemist / Medicine
  • $16.50 Chook food
  • $19.50 take away (one nights weakness!)
  • $64.14 Bunnings for things to fix the camper
  • $2.50 ATM fee
  • $16 DVD hire (oops)
  • $1.29 iphone game
  • $47 powered camp site, $77.20 take away while away, $36 alcohol – Camper weekend
  • $94.50 (my scheduled veto day – outing with friends for a special occasion. Spent around $40 there then lost my mind & spent the rest on dinner & sweets for the family ๐Ÿ˜ณ)

SO my goals for August are:

  • Lower that grocery bill! Cook more from scratch, have more snacks on hand so I don’t buy so many, etc
  • Write down a day by day account of where our money is going rather then week by week (keeps it at the front of my mind)
  • Budget health / medicine into our budget.

Few blowouts there but still pretty good for our first attempt at lowering our spending I think ๐Ÿ™‚
Bring on August…


4 thoughts on “July spending totals… Eeep

  1. I really should do this as like a hindsight kinda thing to see if I’m really saving as much as I think I am. Probably room for improvement for sure.

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  2. you did very well. maybe your grocery expense includes inventory still in the cupboards? i’ve never figured our grocery. it’d be extremely high because we buy too much soda pop and junk food. Additionally, i buy fresh and organic when possible. I figure eating healthy food will keep our medicine/sickness/lost time at work at bay. For us, it must work since we all have excellent health and are seldom ill for years now. the camper expenses are good for mental health. Fuel for us would be difficult to measure month to month as well, since we all use out of our bulk diesel and petrol tanks we have for our business. Oh, nevermind me, i’m just ‘talking out loud’ trying to figure out how i can manage to keep track like you are doing. Such a good idea.

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