Farmers Markets

I love farmers markets. I love the atmosphere, the smells, the sounds, the sights – everything. Where else can you get amazing, super fresh veggies & fruits besides your own garden? Where else can you get meat where you can speak with the farmer whose passion sparks yours? 

This week due to laziness we didn’t get down to our local market until around 10:30am. Those that visit these markets know that the early bird certainly gets the worm at farmers markets. By the time I got there I missed a few things & was only able to get 1 head of broccoli but I was still happy with our haul. All local & organic produce.  

Farmers markets are also a good way to know what’s in season. I will still need to top up with a few things at my local F&V shop like tomatoes & bananas.

We also picked up the following seedlings for $4 for our veggie garden.

  • 4 x baby spinach
  • 2 x cos lettuce
  • 2 x chives

Looking forward to Spring! 


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