My love for second hand

I find it interesting that people will pay hundreds of dollars to stay in a hotel and sleep in second hand sheets & use second hand towels but won’t go near an op shop. People who will buy ‘vintage’ clothing & other items for amazing prices but wouldn’t dare go to a garage sale. I love second hand. Not only am I  saving the earths resources but I’m saving money. 

Here are a few things around my home that are second hand…

Hutch, table & chairs

 Fire & utensils. Hearth was made from an offcut & wood edging made by my father in law.

Stand rescued from landfill for me by a mate

 This was my Aunty’s then became my ‘glory box’.

My $1 light off eBay 

 My late Dads computer on a desk my brother made me when I was around 13 ❤️

Lamp & 4 draw storage

 Chairs I got for $10 & revamped with my daughters 

Imagine how different the world would be if people sourced second hand before buying new?


2 thoughts on “My love for second hand

  1. A lot less in the land fill for sure! you’ve scored some stunning pieces! i buy nearly all our clothes as second hand since we tend to destroy them in one season anyway. Why pay more than a buck or two!? Most of our furniture is second hand. A few pieces I had recovered. But i buy new mattresses and towels. Well, honestly, i haven’t bought new towels since all our wedding gifts over 20 years ago! It might be time….. Thank you for encouraging us to keep looking for new purpose in old items.

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