Is it possible to have a mid-life crisis at 32?

Since Dad passed away 6mths ago I have been unbelievably restless. One of the thoughts that hit me was wondering a lot if Dad had been content with his life. If he had done everything he had wanted to do and if not, what was left on his list? What would he have changed? What would he have regretted? Of course this in turn then made me reflect on my own exsistance. If I were called to the pearly gates today I sure wouldn’t be ready.

Unfortunately this reflection has brought with it a lot of negatives. A list of things I am not happy with and a list of things I want to change. If someone had told me when I was younger that at 32 I would either be packing shelves or being a housewife, living in a house I didn’t love & be the brokest I have ever been, I would be pretty bummed.

I realise it’s all because of being home with the kids & watching them grow which is what I wanted, but I’m still feeling lost. I want more. I need more. But I don’t know what it is I need or want. I don’t know my path or how to find it.

Not being content within myself has had a knock on effect to everything else. I’m in a house I don’t love but at least we’re paying off our own home. We’re broke but have all we really need (I have to stress the word need lol). I’m stacking boxes so I can see my girls grow.

These in themselves aren’t what are making me restless. It’s the yearning to not want to look back with regret. I need to find my passion. I know it’s out there, I just haven’t yet discovered it…


10 thoughts on “Is it possible to have a mid-life crisis at 32?

  1. Listen, don’t feel bad – I’m in my 50’s and have some of those same feelings! I’ve had them most of my adult life. I agree with all the other posts here. Don’t give up or despair! Have you thought about going to a Life Coach? They might be able to help with career ideas and get to the core of what you really want in life. I took 10 years off from work when my children were young, and I don’t regret a single day. It was when they were older that I began to reflect and realized I needed something more. A person’s needs change. It was the “empty-nest syndrome” the finally put me over the edge. I just recently started back to school for my grad degree (here’s my blog: I’m a late bloomer!

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    1. Your blog looks great! Good on you 👍 I’ll be following with interest. I have been considering going to Uni (Collage) when my youngest starts school 🙂


  2. I guess it is normal to have this kind of feelings after the loss of a loved one. the fact that you have had a hard look at your life, I assume, is because of reflecting on your life in detail upon the death of your dad. I believe your intentions were great and over the long-term will help you make the changes that will improve your life. It is okay to be not happy with the things in our life; I am like you have somehow negative feelings for where I live. While it does hurt to have these feelings, I also would like to see them as an opportunity that helped me to see what works and what does not work (and thus needs to be changed). The process is painful, you are right, but perhaps knowing that now you are going thru this reflection, there is a good chance that you will have a life that you would enjoy more. best wishes and all the best.

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  3. I always admire your posts for their depth of emotional honesty – I think the grieving process often leads us to questions our own life and accomplishments.
    I have found myself pondering the same sorts of questions and often overlook the things I see as the everyday but to someone else it is a massive accomplishment.
    Don’t sell yourself short or allow yourself to be attracted to the negative – I know it’s hard but it can be a nasty spiral otherwise and from your posts I don’t think you’re that person either xx


  4. My life is a serious of hair brain scheme’s trying to find that elusive path. I could almost pinpoint the exact moment 5 years ago where my ‘mid-life crisis’ stated. I feel something pulling me forward, its so deep within my soul, it consumes me to the point of I can’t talk about the schemes anymore because its constant and they always fail. As a child the possibilities appear endless and the dream you have completely attainable, I don’t know at what point I lost that. I feel as though I’m destined for better things, being better, doing better and if I can just touch or see it, I’ll know that that is the moment I was searching for. The universe loves to rub salt in my wounds and on the rare occasions I have a complete calm and clarity that leads me to put my entire faith in its hands, it fails me. But that pull just keeps moving you forward.


  5. It’s not a nice feeling 😦 And I certainly don’t think you’re alone. I think sometimes it’s because we put too much pressure on ourselves, and constantly judge and compare ourselves to what our ideal self, if that makes sense? While definitely not in the same boat, I often sit here and think “what the hell am I doing with my life?” and have this big fear that I’m going to look back and realise I’ve never actually achieved anything, or got anywhere. I start things and never seem to see them through, and then down the track that leads to regret and “why didn’t I just stick that out and finish it?!” and then think it’s because I haven’t found something that I’m truly passionate about. Oh life! haha

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    1. You’re so right. I don’t think social media helps things either. It portrays perfect lives & gloriously happy people & when you’re feeling a bit lost you often wonder how other people have got their sh*t together when they probably haven’t either! Maybe it’s our age haha. We’re reflecting more now I think & trying to figure out the next 30 or so years until we sit back on the porch. For me it’s a constant reminder for myself not to compare financially. I see people doing all these amazing things & wish for it but when I sit back & concentrate I know I won’t regret the time with the kids. Our time will come 😉

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