Kids clothing bundle bargains 

I keep an eye on second hand kids clothes bundles on eBay for sale in my local area (so I don’t have to pay postage). It takes a bit of patience but I always grab great buys. I look for sizes 1-3 ahead of my eldest to put away so we’re always ahead & don’t fall short having to pay full price.  This saves us a small fortune (which is essential at the moment) but also makes life easier having a bag to raid when my eldest suddenly grows out of things.

Today I picked up a great buy. In the bundle was:

  • Pumpkin patch dress
  • Witchery dress
  • Pumpkin patch jacket
  • Target jacket
  • Target cardi
  • Pumpkin patch cardi
  • Mambo dressing gown
  • Fairy outfit
  • Mattress protector (not pictured)

All this for $10 picked up 15mins from home. I’m not really fazed on brand names but I have found the better the brand the better quality. 

I know there will come a time where my girls will want certain clothes so I figure I might as well take advantage of being able to save money now! 


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