Last Wednesday I met a psychic.

Re-blogging a fantastic first blog by a close mate. Check her out 🙂

One Point Past

I find you get a to a certain age and the path that you thought was clear starts to become a mirage. Do we follow the safe and secure path that the previous generation laid before us, following our parents down the rinse, lather and repeat cycle of life? Or do you take the preverbal path less taken, stumbling along and stubbing your toe because the path is uneven and not well trodden before you, question things a little more and then all of a sudden you realise it’s not that you’ve changed, it’s just you see shit differently.

Recently I’ve had a change in circumstances where I am now on a work sabbatical and we will now be living the life of luxury on one wage, at least until I can find something that won’t make my brain melt out of my ears. I used to be a serial job…

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