An interesting thing happened to my brain this week…

Last Saturday I hosted an ‘Arbonne’ party for a mate who has recently become a consultant. Arbonne is sold similarly to Tupperware (trying to think of an example everyone knows) but they are a skin care / make up / nutrition business. From what I have tried, their products are beautiful. Their price – not so much. They are more on the ‘prestige’ side of the fence to my normal chemist budget.


So anyway, the party went extremely well and I was very lucky to get some amazing hostess rewards. In fact, I received 16 items totalling $661 for just $155.50. That’s a savings of $505.50. Out of that $155.50, I spent $50 that I had budgeted for my nieces Christmas present so really only $105.50 came out of my ‘sanity’ budget.

Here’s the thing though… Something bizarre happened to me while I was picking my goody list. My mind exploded. I went from having a very short list of a couple of items that I was hoping I might be lucky enough to purchase, to having a budget I could only dream of. This was all well and good but after I put my order in, I wanted more. I kept looking at the catalogue thinking of other things I liked and wished I could get. My mind raced as I thought of all the other things I ‘needed’. Products in a price range I normally wouldn’t give any notice to, suddenly became ‘essential’.

I’m not sure why this inner monster surfaced. I think as our budget has been so tight for so long and that this was my first splurge on myself, I got hungry for the ability to just ‘spend money’. It made me realise that even if I was earning more money by going back to day work – we would most likely be spending it just as fast anyway.

I look back at before we had kids and a mortgage. We felt ‘broke’ then too (not quite as tight but in a ‘oh I cant buy a new top’ kind of broke). From there we got a mortgage then had 2 kids then I dropped to a retail job working 16 hours a week at night. And still survived.

So I’m going to take a step back and enjoy my new products (and only those ones – no more!) and be content with what I have. I am lucky to be able to be home with our tiny humans during the day. Money will always come and go for us, but this time spent with them will pass all too quickly.



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