40 by 40

As I said in my last post – I’m determined to tick more of these off now.

My 40 by 40 list… Some are big, some are small. All things I have wanted to do for a while now but never seem to get around to.

  1. Visit a psychic
  2. Complete the 6ft track
  3. Do a meditation class
  4. Walk to the top of Mt Kosciusko
  5. Go on a dog sled ride
  6. Do a treetop obstacle course
  7. Brisbane to Cairns road trip
  8. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  9. Take a chopper flight over the Blue Mountains
  10. Do a farm stay with the kids
  11. Complete a fitness challenge
  12. Go horse riding with the kids
  13. Take the quarantine station ghost tour
  14. Have a working veggie garden
  15. Get chickens
  16. Ski with the kids
  17. Take the kids on a plane
  18. Be debt free except the house
  19. Live in a house I love
  20. Pilates classes
  21. Outback trip to Uluru and see the stars
  22. Have an emergency fund – this was done but then spent on our camper, need to build back up.
  23. Go to a swim up bar
  24. Go on a cruise
  25. Start up selling remembrance angels
  26. Purchase an investment property
  27. Study something new
  28. Take the kids to Western Plains Zoo
  29. Take the dogs to a dog beach
  30. Do the oaks with Brad
  31. Houseboat holiday
  32. Go camping somewhere isolated
  33. Tropical island holiday
  34. Walk the Great North Walk
  35. Gold class cinema
  36. Go to a 3 hat restaurant
  37. See a cirque du solei
  38. See a 3D movie
  39. Have an animal experience like watching turtles hatch, penguins at Phillip island, whales migrating from the coast, etc.
  40. Write a life story so far journal for the girls

The ones in bold are the ones I have ticked off. The ones in italics are the ones I am currently working on, or are planning to do this year. A mate told me about this book you can get where you write down your bucket list item and post a picture in there for motivation. Once you have completed it, you add your own photo and write all about it as a keepsake. I think that’s an awesome idea!


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