Consumerism causing waste? 

Some days I lose faith in hummanity. Yesterday was one of those days. 

While at work in the ‘garbage area’ looking at all the cages of food waiting to be thrown out, I was chatting to another visiting employee who was throwing boxes of brand new magazines into the recycling machine. With a sigh I said that I couldn’t believe the waste. She then told me about when she works at a big retailer commonly found in westfields that they do this with brand new books. After pressing her a bit she said that when new books are released they just chuck the old ones. Hundreds of beautiful, brand new books just being thrown into recycling. 

With shock & frustration I asked why on earth they weren’t being donated to libraries, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, ANYWHERE. She said it was just their policy. They had to be destroyed. 

Can you imagine the waste each day we’re creating? This is just one small aspect. It’s so disheartening. Humans are selfish, arrogant idiots. 

This has made me even more determined to only shop second hand where possible. 

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ 


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