No money – no worries. Free camping at megalong valley near the creek (which both kids have already stacked into). Beautiful quiet spot (when the kids aren’t fighting) looking up at the escarpment.  We may not have much money right now but our family is still rich with adventure ā¤ļø    Advertisements


Not much happened today. Thanks to a suspiciously discounted family pie for dinner last night, my stomach & I have not been friends today. Spent a fair bit of it in bed feeling sorry for myself.  Lesson learnt.  So here is a picture of me accidently dressing my child like Freddie Krueger tonight. Enjoy.    

Job ponderingĀ 

Last night my only companion for a few hours was a tiny spider & I got exceptionally angry at a shelf. This pretty much sums up my FOUR HOUR SHIFT.  My job is perfect on paper for my situation except for two things – the pay (or lack there of) & I’m bored shitless. The … More Job ponderingĀ 


Cousins ‘playing’ together. Nothing like the sound of a trombone, hands on a baking dish & a spoon on a pot for some delightful music. While I thought it was cute as hell – one dog started barking at the trombone while the other bolted with his tail down. I don’t even know where he … More #4


Ahh back to routine. Schools back wooo!  I like school not only because it educates, amuses & tires my 5yr old but it forces me to get dressed & out of the house in the morning.  Spent the day with my littlest monster. Walk to get groceries in the sunshine instead of driving. Cleaning up … More #3