13.1kgs to go…

My names Tish & I’m an emotional eater that loves coke.

Hi Tish 

I’ve been wanting to drop weight for a while… And have used every excuse in the book. At the beginning of last year i was down to 61kgs – all I wanted to do was crack into the 50s. 59.9kgs would have done me fine. Then I lost my mind, lost my Dad & lost all self restraint. 

Now I’m 73kgs… And can feel every bit of it. 

My clothes got tighter, I ignored it. My fitness got terrible, I ignored that too. What I couldn’t ignore was the horror of seeing my wide as Christ love handles, legs & backside on a tv screen  in the form of a best mates wedding photos of me as a bridesmaid. Jesus was I really that big?! Pass me a wine! 

So I’ve taken equally as horrific photos to spur me into action. Who doesn’t love a before & after right? Bring on the ‘after’ part… Healthier eating & better fitness ahoy! 


5 thoughts on “13.1kgs to go…

  1. Ah how is it I didn’t see this earlier? YOU my friend looked beautiful at said wedding. All for the fitness plan though. If you ever want a jogging partner, let me know! I need to lift my game too. So I can eat more chocolate.


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