Slowly but surely…

Well I still haven’t perfected eating cleanly yet… but at least I have calmed down the junk. God I miss Anzac biscuits though… And twirls were on sale this week… sigh.

At least I have been getting better with my fitness. Slowly but surely…

1/4 – 8.02kms – 12,429 steps

2/4 – 8.58kms – 13,413 steps

3/4 – 9.48kms – 14,803 steps

4/4 – 11.43kms – 17,852 steps

To be honest, I know that they say that weight loss is 90% eating 10% exercise* but I think I’m more interested in the fitness side at the moment. Besides the walking I’ll do tonight at work, today has been a bit of a write off. Tomorrow I’m doing the river walk and Friday I hope to do a bushwalk so that will bring it back up.

Last night I cooked a Michelle Bridges chicken and mushroom risotto. Sweet lord that was a labour of love. Who could be arsed adding one ladle at a time to anything?! Luckily for me I was busy reading a book and ignoring my children at the time so I could spend half an hour slowly adding stock and stirring without going completely insane. In the risottos defence though, it was delicious.

One of my biggest issues are my breaks at work. When its 10pm at night, you’ve got 2hrs left of physical work, you’re half asleep and surrounded by sugar its hard not to give in (see what I did there? 4 excuses in one sentence! Bam!) But it is hard. I certainly don’t feel like more water or a piece of fruit. I feel more like a chocolate oak and a bag of chips. Will keep working on that one.

(*May have pulled this statistic out of my backside. Pretty sure I have heard it somewhere though)





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