Ahh back to routine. Schools back wooo! 

I like school not only because it educates, amuses & tires my 5yr old but it forces me to get dressed & out of the house in the morning. 

Spent the day with my littlest monster. Walk to get groceries in the sunshine instead of driving. Cleaning up part of the yard. Mucking around. Napping👌

Abbey has not long been home though & I just had to bust up a fight between them that included hair pulling (Ash), biting (also Ash) & an impressive headlock (once again Ash). Apparently the youngest isn’t keen to be hanging out with her big sister again… But she looks so cute & innocent in this pic… 


9 thoughts on “#3

      1. I’m so hopeless, I have only just seen your replies! Well I click on the ‘read more’ link in the email and it takes me to your blog page. I can see them every now and then… It’s weird. I’m sure it’s my user error though haha 🤔


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