Job pondering 

Last night my only companion for a few hours was a tiny spider & I got exceptionally angry at a shelf. This pretty much sums up my FOUR HOUR SHIFT. 

My job is perfect on paper for my situation except for two things – the pay (or lack there of) & I’m bored shitless. The positives are it’s incredibly close to home, I can drop off / pick up school run, I’m around to look after them in school holidays, I can go to all their school / preschool things, I go to work after dinner so we all still eat together, I now get every second weekend off so we can go camping, I like the majority of people I work with (& those I don’t I can keep away from), I get to hang out more with my kids & I get time to myself too. But oh god I’m bored. Sometimes I think I’m actually delirious by midnight. 

1yr & 8mths until Ash can potentially go to ‘big school’ (depending on if she’s ready). I just need to ride out the boredom for that time & I can look at studying & switching jobs. Although after following a mates blog (One Point Past) I’m pretty sure I’m screwed with the new interview techniques out there! 

Uuurrrggghhhh lucky the kids are cute & worth the temporary insanity… 


2 thoughts on “Job pondering 

  1. I often wonder how we will come out the other side of this. But being able to slow down and notice the little things in each day can only be good. We’ll be super prepped for our off grid living and calmer in our old age.

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    1. Yeah me too. Least we’ll never regret the time we had with the kids. Even if it does send us slightly insane – least we have each other lol.

      Well this is all until we do the great north walk & write our book 😉

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