#8 + back to simple, frugal living ðŸŒ»

Today’s pic is of my littlest napping with our dog Toby. She doesn’t nap often now so when she does I savour it! 

While she was napping I was re-reading one of my favourite books – ‘Down to earth’ by Rhonda Hetzel.  

I really need to get my mojo back. I used to be so good at living as simply as I could & not wasting, cooking from scratch, treading lightly. I was a master at the budget & worked really hard to be as frugal as possible. Then I kind of lost my way & our bank balance is showing it. 

This book always gives me a boost & I’m feeling better already. Especially distancing myself from Facebook today (& hopefully in the weeks to come). If there was ever a reason to want to keep up with the Joneses or to fall into consumerism it’s that place. 

It is our choice to be tighter then we need to be but hopefully it will pay off in the long run. Dave Ramsey recommends your mortgage is no more then 25% of your weekly take home pay. At the moment with no overtime ours is sitting at 44%. Now this is our CHOICE & we could take a different path & pay less (& lord knows most weeks i’d like to) but we’ve made a commitment & hopefully it’ll pay off. 

When my parents retired they had hardly any money. After my Dad passed away it was even worse for my Mum. I’m terrified of worrying about money every day for the rest of my life. They say you inherit certain traits from your folks – I certainly inherited fear. And that fear has been creeping back since we have no savings buffer & have managed another credit card debt out of our own stupidity. 

So here’s to a new leaf (or finding the old leaf & turning it back over) ✌️


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