Started painting the hutch today. Sweet Jesus. Took more effort then I thought it would but that’s because of the enamel paint. I hate enamel. Looks great but it’s such a bitch to paint with. But alas, that’s all we had & can’t afford to buy anything else right now (talk about first world problems).

My first ever memory of painting with enamel paint was helping at my brothers when he extended his house. There were people everywhere & I was handed a brush & paint to do the railing. I started painting like normal paint & realised very quickly that I was going to f*ck up this sticky substance straight from the pits of hell. I had fingerprints in it, hair stuck to it, fluff caught on it. So I did what any normal person would do – I painted over the lot & pretended I knew what I was doing. Apologies Kev 😂

Anyway, I’m stoked with how the hutch has come up so far. Least that’s given me some enthusiasm to do the rest of it then the dining table ✌️


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