Autumn is finally here! Pretty late this year but the weather has definitely started to change now. 

Cold weather means the winter school uniform comes out. For those that don’t have school aged kids – school uniforms are ridicously expensive. I just can’t justify forking out so much money when there are cheaper ways around it. Ways that are also not using more of the worlds resources. So second hand it is! 

Here is Abbey decked out in her winter uniform ❤️


School uniform shop prices:

Dress $47.50

Blouse $22.50

Total $70

What I found second hand (which is what she’s wearing):

Dress $5

Blouse $2

Total $7

Not bad for a saving of $63 & literally only paying 10%. 

I work with a lady that complained about the price of the uniforms & how they couldn’t afford it. I suggested second hand. She looked horrified. She declared that she would never buy second hand as she didn’t know where it came from. Righto. More money off my debt because more second hand for me! ✌️


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