Pic today is of my creeping sweet potato runners. Cut an old sweet potato in half, put it in the patch & off it went. Everything else is failing miserably at the moment except my rosemary. My chocolate mint is just hanging in there. My other seedlings are hating this weather. Not quite autumn, kind of like spring some days but not quite that either. 

No more eggs from these girls yet. Still moulting. They’re also pulling all their bedding out of their coop onto the ground for some reason (they refuse to ‘roost’ & insist on huddling together in a nesting box). Looking forward to getting some time to build them a big run in the corner of the yard soon. Just need to clear out a big pile of logs & branches which I’m pretty sure is going to harbor some kind of animal… Hopefully one that’s friendly. 


2 thoughts on “#17

    1. I don’t think so. Potatoes grow up & you keep covering them till the tops die off then you dig them up. I’m pretty sure sweet potato runs. I do need to clarify this lol


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