I don’t know which side the grass is greener. Is it working part time days, not stressing about money, not being exhausted but missing school things like awards / sports days, etc, struggling with pick up / drop off / school holidays. Or is working nights, not stressing over the later, spending more time with the kids when they’re little but being perpetually tired & stressed about every dollar. 

I just don’t know.

I’ve now done both & I still don’t know. 

I’m trying really hard not to compare lives (which is why I’m steering clear of Facebook). The people that seem to have it all working so smoothly. Money to spend, kids cared for by grandparents, happy jobs, calm lives. I know people only post what they want you to see but still. It makes me wonder why I can’t get my shit together. 

When it boils down to it, the way things are at the moment is the least stressful & easiest path for my family.

Today’s pic is literally my pillow because that’s pretty much all I saw today out of exhaustion.

Onwards & upwards. Tomorrow will be a better day ✌️


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