In light of the news last night, when I woke up this morning I was determined not to waste the day. The housework could wait. The endless painting could wait.  

Took myself on a 12km hike & felt a million times better then yesterday. Even if this was my face at the top 

This is how the walk looks most of the way (except the hill, oh lord the hill)  

To get to the lookout you need to walk up a hill called ‘Bees Nest Hill’ or as I like to call it ‘I can’t feel my hands, I think my legs are bleeding, I’m just going to lay here & try not to swallow my tounge, hill’. 

For my local mates it’s kinda like a dirt old bathurst. 

The view at the top is just perfect though. Worth the hike.

You can’t hear a thing except the birds, the wind & the river down below. There’s nothing like feeling completely secluded. Taking time out from everything. Nothing but nature. Nothing but calm. Perfect way for the soul to recharge✌️


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