#23 + second hand 

Ahh second hand. Not everyone’s cup of tea & I’ve experienced quite negative reactions to second hand clothes.

But I love it.

Today I picked up these 9 items for Abbey for just $9. 2x shirts, 2x long sleeved shirts, vest, dress, singlet, pants & shorts. I like second hand for a few reasons. The earths resources aren’t being used to make new clothes when I can use these, the money goes to charity & it’s more money in my pocket. I only buy things that are good quality & in good nick. Say these were $10ea in the store – that’s $90 which means that’s another $81 saved I can put towards our month long trip. There are times when I buy new & that’s ok – but if I can find it second hand that’s even better 🙂 while Abbey is at an age where she doesn’t care, I’m going to take full advantage. I know the day will come when she’ll ‘need’ what ever her version of hound dog will be haha.

Got some more baking done today & these choc chip cookies didn’t burn. Yay! They are cooling on a cooling rack my hubby made for me by bending an old oven shelf. Waste not, want not ✌️



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