#24 + Menu planning / Grocery budget

Pic today is of the boys chewing their fresh bones. Every Wednesday morning I get a Coles delivery before school run then hit the butchers after pick up which includes their weekly giant bone cut in 2.

I’ve started getting groceries delivered because of 2 reasons. I hate grocery shopping & it’s saving us money. I’m not able to just throw things in the trolley or buy things we don’t need. I’m watching the tally go up & conscious of what I spend. I get an early delivery time which only costs $4. The butcher is a little pricer for meat but you can taste it and its worth it. Plus its nice supporting local. I will start going back to the farmers markets for our fruit and veg soon but at the moment just trying to get back into my rhythm slowly. I get a bit anxious and overwhelmed these days if I try to do too much at once. Simple life, calm mind.

From this week onwards as well, I am totalling our grocery spending again as I think we’re blowing out. I allow $170 a week for groceries which includes the dogs but not the chickens. So far this week here are the totals.

Groceries – $107.72

Meat – $23.90 (had some chicken already in the freezer)

Total so far = $131.62

I will need to do a top up mid week of milk, bread, fruit, etc but looking good so far.

Started back with menu planning this week too which should keep costs down.

  • Marinated chicken wings and veggies
  • Shepherds pie loaded with hidden veg
  • Chicken, veggie & noodle stir fry
  • Snags and veggies
  • Roast dinner
  • Easy meal night – frozen fish & chips
  • Take away night (mates coming over)

Our trip is getting closer (4mths now) and I’m getting nervous about money. Groceries are one tangible that I can work on ✌️





2 thoughts on “#24 + Menu planning / Grocery budget

    1. All of the above. Plus when I’m out there 4-5 nights a week I reeeaaalllyy don’t feel like going back in my own time…


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