After chatting with mates last night about how time flies & thinking about my last 33yrs – I’ve often thought if I could write a letter to my younger self what would I say. I’m not sure i would change anything I’ve done. But I’d sure as hell instill stronger money / debt awareness & tell myself to never sign for that first credit card. 

I don’t think I would change anything else though. I’ve made mistakes. I sometimes shake my head at my younger years but they’ve built me. I spent my life with good people having hilarious experiences. Then when things went to shit – those good people rode through the storm with me & I came out stronger. 

I used to believe in karma until my dad got sick. Then I started to look around & see all the bad things happening to good people & I decided it was a load of shit. Ever seen a kid with terminal cancer? Is that karma? 

Don’t even get me started on religion.

But something I’ve come to realise in my 30s is that everything happens for a reason. I think the universe tries to teach us lessons. If you don’t get it the first time, it’ll keep coming back in different ways until you do. Technology & the rush of life have taken away the still & quiet. The thinking time. The re-assessing time. 

Onto today’s pic – both kids are unwell today for different reasons & with hubby away, a comfort meal was in order. Shepherds pie it was ✌️


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