#28 + Chickens

I’m busting to get the chooks into a bigger run. Found the perfect place in the corner of the yard between 2 fences, a tree & my raised beds. Only one problem… it was where we chucked a heap of branches & logs around 4-5yrs ago that now had grass grown over (& through) it.

Safetly prepared myself by putting on knee high ugg boots & dug in. No snakes found yet but a beautiful stack of well seasoned firewood. I’m around 2/3 through the pile. As you can see in the pic, the chooks already like it in there.

Hopefully come Spring those beds will be full of veggies & there will be a gate where the arch is.

Other then that, spent some lazy time reading ‘the simple home’ by Rhonda Hetzel while the kids (& chooks) played in the Autumn leaves ✌️



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