#30 + kids frugal party ideas

Day 30 is late because I did a long 7hr shift last night. 

My eldest is turning 6 next Sunday & I wanted to throw her a party as this is her first year making new friends in kindy. Only catch is it needs to be frugal because between bills & saving for our holiday we’re strapped. So park party it is.

As it’s not at a playcentre, etc there’s a bit more pressure to make the party fun & interesting.

All of this crystal & glass I was given or found at the op shop & have decided to use it for a sort of ‘food bar’. Normally they’re done with just lollies & it’s like a lolly bar but I’ll add biscuits, fruit, carrots, chips & lollies. Hopefully it turns out looking great! Next idea I had was to have an area where the kids can sit down & each decorate a ‘scavenger bag’. I’ll put out textas, stickers & glitter glue. Once they have decorated their bags, we’ll go onto the bush trail behind the park & they will have to find certain things. Maybe things like something smooth, something delicate, something round, etc.

My other thought was to do an obstical course with slides, tyres, balance beam, tunnel, etc but I’m still thinking that one through logistically… And still have to speak with hubby about said logistics ๐Ÿ˜

Then there’s of course the cake… I found this pic on Pinterest of a lunch picture that I’m going to try & turn into a cake instead with icing & lollies. I tend to set the bar high with cakes thanks to Pinterest – they generally don’t turn out quite as well but I still give it a crack haha.  


2 thoughts on “#30 + kids frugal party ideas

  1. I don’t even think I could do that with the veggies and fruit let alone into a cake and I attempt some crazy things! The rest of the party sounds great. Could you paint some wooden signs and pre-put them in the bush directing to the next scavenger hunt clue and they have to keep an eye out for the sign and the object… I’m picturing lost kids and the SES being called.


    1. Haha it’s like a clear track in the bush that stops a little way down at a fire trail. Not like I’m just taking them into the full on bush ๐Ÿ˜‚


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