#35 + Pondering the third child

I always thought I would have 3 kids. I am one of 3 and its really good to have big family catch ups. I couldn’t imagine not having 2 siblings to bounce off. I love the feeling of a full table. A busy home.

When my Dad was sick, having my siblings and their families together was unreal. A big family support network rallied. We all have the same humour, the same stupid thought processes. Its ‘home’. Family is incredibly important to me.

Hubby comes from one of 2 and isn’t quite sold on the ‘3’ idea.

Truth be told, sometimes I’m not either. Two kids can be a handful as it is. Our youngest has been a lot of work as a toddler / kid. Our eldest was a handful as a baby but then an easy toddler. Our youngest on the other hand, easy baby. Difficult, hair tearing out, stubborn as hell after that. She can literally be the devil. This does put doubt into one’s mind…

I read an article a while back about the third child decision. It was how the first 5yrs of raising kids is like ‘being in the trenches’. Its hard work. They’re hard work. Once they hit 5, it all starts to get easier. They dress themselves, can get their own food, use the toilet, sleep through the night, etc. When you look at your time with a child – 5yrs isn’t a long time in those trenches. Plus some really good things happen while you’re in there – first steps, first words, first laugh. She said to picture your life 10-15yrs down the track. Does a third child fit into the picture then?

Of course there are other things to consider – the financial side, stretching emotionally, family dynamics, etc.

As I type this my kids are insane and overtired. Maybe more thought is needed…

✌️ Pic for day 35 of my year in pictures is of a little onsey purchased for a mates new bub. Probably a good thing I didn’t get newborn cuddles today (I’m sick). My ovaries hurt enough buying the suit!


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