The budget birthday party that became not so budget

I had planned a budget birthday party in the park for my little girl that involved play equipment, an obstical course & treasure hunt on a bush trail. Unfortunately Mother Nature had different ideas & we got hit with an impressive amount of rain.

Due to the amount of people & kids, our only option was to hire a hall ($105) & pay an upfront bond ($300) that will be refunded by cheque… In the mail… 

So I had to try & come up with late notice, budget friendly things for the kids to do inside. Some mums are great at organising kids to do all the normal party games – I’m not that mum haha. I don’t have the confidence nor enthusiasm required to wrangle 18 kids ranging from 1-6yrs. 

So instead we set up a craft table with textas, stamps, glitter pens & stickers where they designed their own bats for the balloons (preferred their hands) & loot bags.  

We also set up a big fort with tables together, tablecloths over the top & glow sticks hanging inside.  

Then there was the food ‘bar’ which was demolished astonishingly fast.

My sister in law also did face painting which was a huge hit. 

We did have a couple of ball games planned but you know what the kids preferred? To run around kicking & throwing balloons & dancing. Having a stage was an added bonus. 

Lastly was the cake… This was the idea from Pinterest I was basing the cake on… 

It was a bit rough in the end but came out good enough to make Abbey happy & that’s all that matters ✌️ 

In the end the rain didn’t matter, she had an absolute blast. I still can’t believe she’s now 6… 



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