Plastic free July 

It is estimated that 8 million tonnes enter the oceans per year where it entangles and is ingested by wildlife. Every bit of plastic ever made still exists somewhere and in the first 10 years of this century there was already more plastic produced than the entire last century.

There is a not for profit organisation in Australia organising & encouraging people to go plastic free in July. You can find their page here.

I think it’s a fantastic initiative & jumped on board straight away without of course thinking it through completely. This will be ok I thought… Then I actually thought about the plastic in our lives… From personal items like shampoo & razors to meat from the butcher & plastic bags in cereal to drinks & garbage bags… It’s everywhere.  

Fruit & veg will be fine. I’ve found a solution to meat already (straight into containers at the butchers). The personal items are tricky unless I make all my own. The website does encourage you to change as much as you can. Maybe it’s safer just to continue to use one disposable razor in July rather then an actual razor blade… 

I was also spurred on by an awesome homemade package from a close mate. Seeing the homemade jam, sauce, body scrub, lip balm, etc made me realise how much I love that stuff. Freshly preserved produce, no nasty chemicals or additives, reuseable containers where possible & I have a sweet spot for the way they did things in ‘times gone by’.  

Whilst I by no means would have liked to suffer through the depression, I find books & stories on the subject addictive. Their inginuity, their ability to adapt & streeeetch & their ‘waste not, want not’ attitude just amazes me. We are such a throw away society now. I think if my great grandparents were alive today they would kick me up the ass. In fact, even my grandparents would. Only 2 generations & we have managed to really screw up the environment & turn into an incredibly consumerist society. 

This is my favourite clip going around that depicts humans ‘Man’.

Hopefully the prep for & the plastic free July will help motivate & enlighten me to make a real difference ✌️


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