Why Retire Early?

Love this blog by The barefoot budget… Rings so true ✌️

the barefoot budget

I’ve been feeling all out of whack lately. Tonight, I forced myself out of the house after the rain stopped for a short walk. I thought about my life and why I’ve been so sad lately. I thought about where I’m going, and what it’s a ll worth. As I thought about my goals, I thought it would be nice to do a little realignment on this blog.To write about something the ‘why’ of my current lifestyle…

I don’t talk about money and early retirement much anymore on this blog, as the little homestead has taken over my life … but the concept of retiring early from traditional paid employment is still a central tenant of my life and guides (almost) all of my decision making.

I am constantly asked ‘why.’ Sometimes it’s as direct as, “why do you want to retire early?” Other times, it’s masked in comments like…

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