Plastic free July is here…

And I was completely ignorant to just how much plastic there is in and on EVERYTHING. So although i’d like to say I’ll be completely plastic free – I’ve got jack chance of that. So instead I’m going to do my hardest to greatly reduce single use plastic & if it has to be plastic – it will be the type I can recycle, recycle, recycle. Not ideal but realistic for this first timer. 

I think reducing plastic goes hand in hand with decluttering. Once I started to notice all the throw away stuff, I started to also notice just how much crap we have we don’t need or use. 

Yesterday I decluttered 2 cupboards & today the kids toy room. It did look like this…

And once we were finished it was much nicer like this…

We put together a big bag to donate & unfortunately a bag for the bin. The positive to this though is that it’s been enough of an eye opener to stop more crap coming into the house. 

So tomorrow we are off to the farmgate with our reusable produce bags & I’ll be baking to reduce pre-bought snacks. Here’s to reducing in July ✌🏼


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