Our lil camper holiday… Buderim

After leaving Iluka we were on our way to Buderim on the sunny coast to see some mates. I have been friends with Caz for longer then I remember. Even though she’s a state away, she still one of my best mates. Mostly because I know she’ll always be there for me and visa versa but also because we share the same sick & twisted sense of humour. 

My first memories of her was a chick that had her shit together. From saving for regos (a completely foreign idea to me which I was most likely drinking to when she told me) to making her own f*cking formal dress I thought she was amazing. Even now with her ability to make ANYTHING from scratch she’s still a massive influence on me.

The only thing that baffled me was her inability to ride a bike (unless she’s picked it up now). Who doesn’t know how to ride a bike?! How does that even happen? 😂

So rocking up at her house (after a booze run) was like rocking up at home. Our kids played, she cooked us an amazing baked dinner, we chatted, drank and laughed until we couldn’t keep our eyes open (and her child broke because ours wound her up like a top lol). Leaving the next day was hard. I wish we lived closer to each other. 

The good news is that our kids will grow up as mates that see each other when their Mums catch up ✌🏼️


One thought on “Our lil camper holiday… Buderim

  1. Dear God woman! If you think I’ve had my shit together this long we have to talk. Quite frankly that formal outfit was lucky to last the night, just glad my undies weren’t stuck in my skirt.. I do like your confidence in me and your rose coloured glassed will come in handy during our bus trip to hell.

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