Our lil camper holiday… Iluka

And off we go…

First lesson learnt today on a road trip… if the Nav man says the trip will take 8hrs – that’s BEST case scenario. It’ll take longer then that. Much longer. Today was an ELEVEN HOUR DAY to get to Iluka from home, but we made it and the kids travelled brilliantly (thanks DVD players). 

We stopped off at hubby’s Uncle’s place in Kempsey on the way up. They have a house on the river which then overlooks farmland. It’s just beautiful. We stopped here when Brad and I were first going out for the night on the way to his Mums. I was really nervous. It had been the first time I had met them but my fears were quickly squashed. They were instantly welcoming. He’s Aunty was incredibly warm and his Uncle was just like my family. Nothing has changed. It’s just a shame we couldn’t stay longer. 

We finally made it to Iluka at sunset. Wow. It definatley was a sight for sore eyes (as was my cider). Brads Mum had got us a spot right near theirs opposite the water.

Brads Mum and partner cooked us a delicious dinner & as usual, the kids instantly attached to Brads Mum. They don’t see her all that often because she lives so far away but they are always both instantly comfortable and obsessed with her. This works well in our favour because they get off us. Plus it’s really nice to watch. 

Abbey instantly preferred to hang out in her van rather then our camper. I don’t blame her. Her Nanna’s has a TV. And is around 2-3 times the size of ours. And has a constant supply of food that only Nanna’s provide.

Unfortunately we only had one full day there but we spent it exploring together and hanging out. We went down to the beach and as we were standing in the shallows we heard a huge splash to turn around and see a sea eagle just metres from us take off with a fish in its claws. Easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. 

Iluka was Ash’s first encounter with crab balls. You know those tiny little balls of sand you see on the beach that crabs make whilst digging their holes? Beautiful works of art right? Not to Ash. They were terrifying and induce screams of pure fear. No matter what we said or did she lost her mind and insisted on being carried over the demonic balls. Little did we know that pretty much EVERY BEACH up north would have these same balls of terror ๐Ÿ™„

The beach up there was beautiful and I managed to finally snap a really nice pic of the kids where they look loving and are not belting each other.

The last night we shouted everyone burgers as a thanks because they had so generously paid for our site for us it was the least we could do. We loved Iluka and would definatley stay there again and explore more. 

It was sad to say goodbye to Brads Mum but we’ll see her again after Xmas ๐Ÿ˜


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