Our lil camper holiday… tally of broken things.

My brother did this when they went on their big trip and it cracked me up and was an interesting read so I thought I would do the same…

  • Issue: Ash’s DVD player is on the blink. Cause: Little feet kicking the shit out of the cords after repeatedly being told to stop. Solution: Child being told ‘that’s what you get, when it doesn’t work, look at your sister’s’
  • Issue: No curtain on one side window of camper. Cause: Tish ‘helping’ pack up and pushing canvas in too hard causing curtain to detach. Solution: We’ll fix it when we get home. In the meantime, angle body so changing clothes doesn’t expose privates out see through window
  • Issue: Ripped off strip on back of car and small scratch. Cause: Hubby turning to sharply in tiny car park. Solution: Throw strip into boot
  • Issue: Sink seems to be leaking into cupboard. Cause: Think the tap isn’t sealing. Solution: Pretend it’s not happening 
  • Issue: Tish’s most loved pluggers broke and are unrepairable even with bread clips. Cause: Wearing them every day for at least 6mths. Solution: Wear other annoying shoes until the next Kmart. 
  • Issue: Jockey wheel missing half the wheel. Cause: Hubby driving with it not high enough up whilst moving car ripping half the wheel off. Solution: Shrug. Half still does the job.
  • Issue: Puncture in the tyre. Cause: Shit happens. Solution: Quick $30 tyre repair in Port Douglas that would have cost us only $20 if we had cash. Note to self, carry more cash.
  • Issue: Safety didn’t seem to be working on the gas on the fridge. Fear of exploding in our sleep. Cause: We actually weren’t giving it enough time for the line to empty. Solution: Wait 20 seconds 
  • Issue: 2 pairs of lost thongs. Cause: Everyone thinking someone else had them. Most likely still sitting at previous campsite. Solution: Cheap replacements 🙄

    Will update as we go 🙂 


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