Our lil camper holiday… 

So during last years Christmas holidays, hubby and I were talking about the last year gone and the year coming up. I had itchy feet to do something bigger this year. I was over routine and wanted a big holiday to explore with the kids. For us to just hang out, reconnect and see new things. 

We decided to do a months whirlwind holiday in our lil camper. The most either of us could get off work would be 4 weeks so we wanted to pack as much in as we could. Like a ‘sampler’ holiday. 

First up we thought a round trip to Uluru would be perfect. Then quickly decided that at 6 & 3 the kids might quickly get jack of epic drive days and not much to look at. We decided the coast. We made a plan to drive to Cairns, then changed it to Port Douglas to see our niece, then changed it to Cape Trib because we found an awesome looking zip line up there. 

So we had a destination, just needed to fill in the gaps. This took a LONG time. I’d like to say it was because we were meticulous, but it was more me changing my mind… Constantly… it quickly became apparent that we would have to miss things. 4 weeks was just not enough time to see everything. So we aimed for the places we really wanted to visit or people we really wanted to see. We ended up with 14 stops in 27 days. 

We locked in the stops – Iluka, Buderim, Yeppoon, Cardwell, Paronella Park, Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas, Glengarry, Townsville, Cape Hillsborough, Cania Gorge, Nanango, Lightening Ridge, Hill End, Home. 

At first I looked up free camps but then became nervous about them being full (school holidays), crappy or having John Jarratt in the bushes. So we booked and paid all our accomodation upfront in caravan parks. That also meant those funds were locked away and couldn’t be spent. 

So then the saving began… at times it was a long slog. There were things we missed out on and times I just wanted to spend money. But I kept trying to keep perspective… take away dinner now or at a cool beach on the trip? Then there were the urges to buy ‘things’. We have grown up in a society that seems to collect ‘stuff’ which then means we miss out on ‘experiences’. In 60yrs time when I am sitting in my rocking chair, sipping my ice cold shandy, I’ll be reminiscing about my memories and the life I lived. Not the stuff I bought. 

The only problem is that holidays are a lot like renovations… take your budget then add 30%… AT LEAST. Man that’s been a learning curve. It’s very hard not to relax and just hurl money into the air on holidays. For example, within the first week we spent $105 on hats. HATS. 

But we got better at holiday spending along the way. Made better choices. Sure we could eat out but not every meal, every day. Sometimes take away on a beach is a lot nicer with small ferals then in a restaurant anyway. 

So here I will document the trials and tribulations of our lil trip. We’re already over half way though cause I’m slack but I’ll play catch up 👍🏼


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