Describe yourself… 

I read an interesting article aimed at Mums that asked ‘Describe yourself without mentioning anyone else’. 

That struck me. I would instantly have said I’m married with 2 kids. But without mentioning anyone else it’s harder for me. 

I used to also say ‘I’m a consultant in the finance industry’. But now I just do nightfill. Which is ok but its not a role I’m proud of like I was with my old job. I was head hunted for that role & it was a role that satisfied me (mostly). I felt important that I was responsible for multi-million dollar floor plans. Now I open boxes. So that wouldn’t initially come to mind either. 

So what does that leave? I love hiking. But don’t really have a focus right now on anything in particular. I’m not working towards anything personally. 

It made me realise how easy it is to lose your identity when you become a parent. Sometimes you put so much effort into everything and everyone else that you kinda put yourself by the wayside. 

Thanks for the reality kick up the backside internet. Here’s to a new focus on me ✌🏼️


5 thoughts on “Describe yourself… 

  1. I agree with you — it is difficult to remain a person when your role as a parent trumps everything. But your focus SHOULD be on the children, as they grow so quickly and that time cannot be retrieved if you have spent it not paying attention to them.
    Streamlining your life, frugality, efficiency, minimalism all contribute to not needing as much money, or job, so you can spend more TIME (the elusive commodity) with your family.You can always earn more money later – you cannot get any additional time (forward or backward)…

    BTW, I am loving your site. 😀


    1. No idea. I think the first one is getting my fitness back & doing more hiking then it’s making our house as minimalist as possible so I don’t crack it constantly lol

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