The white envelope 

What a cool Christmas idea… 

The White Envelope


5 thoughts on “The white envelope 

  1. I’m also not sure what I’d do… it would have to be on a smaller scale (we don’t have the money to buy a team gear haha).

    But I’m wondering if doing the Kmart wishing tree matching the kids ages would work better for us (so Abbey picks a gift for another 6yr old girl, Ash a 3yr old, etc) would work better?



    1. I’m pondering how to make it work…

      If it was a present to me – Brad wouldn’t know who to give to, how to go about it, not sure he’d want to (too hard basket). If it was to Brad than I’m kinda ripping him off a present when it’s not his thing lol.

      I’m thinking maybe a family one? So I do it & write a letter but it’s on behalf of the family if that makes sense? And they read it. Think it would be good for the kids


      1. Agreed you can’t put Brad into that situation when he didn’t ask for it. I thought from the family side as well. What about a present to your Dad and each year its something he would have liked?


      2. Mmm but Dad wasn’t really a ‘giver’ if that makes sense – more a here’s the shirt off my back but not a charity kinda person. Not sure he would have been that interested in an idea like this. Not sure 🙄


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