2017 – let’s go…

I love New Years. To me its the chance to have a fresh start. As people say – today is the first day of a 365 page book – what will your story be this year?

I don’t like resolutions as such – but I do like goals for the year ahead. Normally by the end of every year I’m out of whack, lost and off track. 2016 was no different, except that I lost track just after our big trip in Sept / Oct. Well even before that maybe…

2016 was a shocker financially. Our whole year was dedicated to the trip and after being away for a full month our money situation was disastrous. Then came Christmas. The good news is that the trip was the best thing we have ever done. We just need to get back on track and calm the hell down now.

SO my goals for 2017…

  • First and foremost before we do anything – get back on track financially. Stop spending more than we earn, get the budget back on track, get ahead on the bill account.
  • Pay off the credit card. This shouldn’t be too bad cause its not completely horrific… just…
  • Track our spending again. With things tight and gone to shit, this seems to be the only thing that gets us back on track and focused
  • Put some money back into the house – painting, renos, gardens.
  • Save for a week holiday at the end of March. Without a holiday to look forward to I tend to lose my mind. I did want to stay in a cabin and have a luxury holiday this time around… until I saw that for 5 nights it would be around $1100… so I’ve scaled back and with our camper at the same place it will only cost around $230. Slight difference. It will mean we will actually be able to do more things while we’re there and have some nice meals out.
  • Put a CONSISTENT $20 away a week towards next Christmas. We spent our Christmas money while we were away when we had a YOLO moment. Christmas just gone was incredibly stressful because of it.
  • Continue to claim every flybuys deal possible to go towards Christmas – last year we had around $200 in flybuys money that helped heaps.
  • Save for the end of year trip to my Sister’s for Christmas and also save for a little luxury (def luxury for this one) couple of days away afterwards for our 10th wedding anniversary.
  • Buy all birthday presents at LEAST a week or 2 in advance so I don’t panic buy and spend twice as much.
  • Cook more from scratch again – much better for us. This was a shocker last year.
  • I have a bit of a hairbrained scheme doing laps around my head of selling flowers this Valentine’s Day (we live on a busy road), then if that works out, the possibility of studying floristry and selling from home. This is still in the early stages of working out. Visiting the flower markets this week to get a better idea on prices then will go from there.
  • Complete another big walk this year… need to get a shitload fitter for this first though… 

And lastly…

  • Try and only go on facebook once a week. This is a biggy at the moment. I’ve been mostly off it the last week or 2 and I do notice a difference in my state of mind.

Bring on 2017 👌🏼


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